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In this series of articles you can look at the connections between various states in the USA and Elvis.
Obviously a lot of the connections concern concert dates especially from the 70's but there are also a lot from the 50's concerts as well as other info to read about.
Over the coming weeks more of the states will follow biggrin.gif

Kingsport, Tennessee was the site of an Elvis 22/9/55 concert at the Kingsport Civic Auditorium. He was still relatively unknown at the time. Tickets were only $1.25 and appearing on bill with Elvis and his band were The Louvin Brothers and Cowboy Copas. Continuing in east Tennessee very near where the states of Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee meet, is Johnson City. While performing here at Freedom Hall Civic Center 17-19/3/76, Elvis stayed at the Holiday Inn South near Bristol. A mob of fans waited hours at the hotel for just a glimpse of him. After his three-day stay the bed linens and the foil used to cover the windows were cut up in small pieces and sold to raise money for local charities. Elvis again performed there 20/5//77.

Elvis performed at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville 8/4/72, 15/3/74 and 20/5/77. He stayed at the Sheraton Campus Inn while performing at Stokely Athletic Center to sell-out crowds. In Murfreesboro is the Murphy Athletic Center of Middle Tennessee State University. Elvis performed there 14/3/74, 19/3/74, 29/4/75 and 6-7/5/75.Elvis also performed 2 dates at the Memphis Mid-South Coliseum on the 16-17/3/74.

Nashville is the home of the Ryman Auditorium, the site of the live Grand Ole Opry country music show and its radio program. It was on 2/10/54 on The Grand Old Opry that a young Elvis sang "Blue Moon of Kentucky." After a polite reception from the audience, he and his band met the song's writer Bill Monroe, who praised their version of his song. Elvis then appeared on Ernest Tubb's radio show live from Tubb's record shop down the street. Elvis would not perform in Nashville again until 1/7/73 when his tour stopped there at the Municipal Auditorium. Over the years he would often travel to Nashville to record at RCA Studio B located on Music Row. Today, you also can visit Nashville's Country Music Hall of Fame where on display are Elvis's gold piano, his gold Cadillac and personal clothing.

On your way from Nashville to Memphis you might stop at Brownsville's West Tennessee Heritage Center. There on loan from the Graceland Archives Collectin is a jacket Elvis wore in his 1960 "home from the army" press conference at Graceland.

Visitors to Memphis, Elvis's hometown, will find many interesting Elvis-related sites to see. Graceland, his home for twenty years, will of course be among the places to visit. You also might want to plan to see our special 2005 exhibit in the Sincerely Elvis Museum that honors Elvis and the Memphis he loved. Among other sites you might want to plan to see is Sun Studio and Museum where there is on loan 1950s memorabilia from the Graceland Archives Collection. Other local Memphis museums that have Elvis items on loan include the Rock'n' Soul Museum, Stax Museum, Mud Island Museum and the Pink Palace Museum. Elvis's alma mater Humes High School (now a junior high school) usually has tours during early August. The Audubon Park Shell is the site of Elvis's first professionally billed performance and nearby on Audubon Drive is the first home he bought for himself and his family. Today it is privately owned but during August the owners usually have tour times available for fans.

The family apartment at the housing project, Lauderdale Courts, is now on the National Register of Historic Places and has been restored. Now a part of Uptown Memphis, the apartment is also available for short term stays and usually available for tours in August. Libertyland Amusement Park is open during the summer and you can ride Elvis's favorite roller coaster ride, the Zippin Pippin. Nearby is the Coliseum where he performed. Beale Street is always a fun destination for visitors of Memphis. There one can find the sound of great blues music and the smell of delicious barbecue. The famous Peabody Hotel was the site of Elvis's high school prom and is home to the famed Peabody ducks. Lansky's clothing store, where Elvis bought many of his clothes
through out his life, is also now located in the Peabody.

Elvis's manager Colonel Tom Parker had lived in Florida for a long while and, having many connections there, booked Elvis in Florida very early on with other acts on the Hank Snow Tour such as Jimmie Rodgers Snow, the Davis Sisters, Mother Maybelle Carter and the Carter Sisters, Martha Carson, Faron Young, Onie Wheeler and the Wilburn Brothers among others.

Jacksonville, Florida was the site of famous early shows at the baseball park (Gator Bowl/Alltel Stadium) on 12-13/5/55, 28-29/7/55 and 23-24/2/56. It was here that Elvis had to run for his life from hundreds of out of control fans who ripped and tore at this clothes. On his third visit in February 1956 Elvis collapsed in the parking lot due to exhaustion and briefly was hospitalized. Doctors told him to slow down his concert schedule.

After the riots of the past visits to Jacksonville, by the time he came back 10-11/8/56, a local juvenile court judge informed Elvis his movements during his show were not appropriate for teenagers and that he would be arrested if he didn't tame his actions on stage.
During the show at the Florida State Theater, Elvis only wiggled his little finger. It didn't stop the girls from screaming but it pleased the judge.

Veteran's Memorial Coliseum was the site for his Jacksonville, Florida concerts of 16/4/72, 25/4/75, 1/9/76 and 30/5/77. In the 70s the Jacksonville fans still loved him and would camp out at the Hilton Hotel where he stayed hoping for a glimpse of him. Steve Crosby a local reporter wrote, "do not under any circumstances stand within three city blocks of the stage when he starts tossing scarves into the audience and kissing women. Normally sedate, ordinarily dignified matrons kill."

Elvis performed in Daytona Beach, Florida at the Peabody Auditorium on 7/5/55, 30/7/55 and 9/8/56. He stayed at the Copacabana Motel. On 20/2/56 Elvis performed at the Palms Theater in West Palm Beach. On 13/2/77 he stayed at the Sheraton Inn while performing at the Auditorium. Hollywood, Florida's Sportartorium was the site of a 12/2/77 show in which fans stormed toward the stage and caused a crush of those in the front until order was restored.

In Miami Elvis performed at the Olympia Theater on 3-4/8/56 and stayed at the Robert Clay Hotel. He had brought to town his brand new lavender Lincoln and fans soon destroyed its finish by writing him messages in lipstick and also scratched into the paint. Elvis traded it in at a local dealership for a white one and for some time the lavender car was on display in the showroom, lipstick and all.

On 26/360, after Elvis returned from Army duty in Germany, he taped a "Welcome Home" appearance on the Frank Sinatra Timex Show at Miami's famed Fontainebleau Hotel. Location shots for the boat race in Elvis's 1967 movie "Clambake" were shot at the the Miami Orange Bowl Regatta held at Marine Stadium. And on 12/9/70 Elvis performed at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

On 21/2/56 he was at the Florida Theater in Sarasota on Pineapple Street now known as the Sarasota Opera House. In Ft. Myers he performed at the City Auditorium for WMYR radio sponsored shows on 9/5/55 and 25/755. In St. Petersburg he performed at the Florida Theater on 8/7/56 and the Bayfront Center/Tropicana Arena on 3/9/76 and 14/2/77.

Tampa's Ft. Homer Hesterly Armory was the site of concerts on 8/5/55, 31/7/55, 19/2/56, and 5/8/56. It was here that the famous "can you see his tonsils" photo that graced the cover of his first album was taken on 31/7/55. In the 1970s, Curtis Hixon Hall was the venue for concerts on 13/9/70, 26/4/75 and 2/976.

On 6/8/56 Elvis performed at Lakeland's Polk Theater. On 27/4/75 and 4/9/76 his concert venue was the Civic Center Arena and Elvis stayed at the Dutch Inn.

And Elvis performed in Orlando at the Municipal Auditorium on 11/5/55, 26-27/7/55, and 8/8/56. On 15/2/77 he performed at the Orlando Sports Stadium (Citrus Bowl Stadium) and stayed at the Hilton Inn West. The members of the Elvis Presley Show also had a treat that night as they spent some private time enjoying Disney World after the show.

Ocala's Southeastern Pavilion was the site for a 10/5/55 concert.

Elvis's film "Follow That Dream" was filmed at several Florida locations in July 1961 including Crystal River, Ocala, Inverness and Tampa. Elvis stayed at the Port Hotel & Marina in Crystal River. He brought with him his new 21-foot ski boat. Colonel Parker arranged a special show at the Weeki Wachee Springs where a specially formed "underwater Elvis Fan club" performed. Today the Mermaid Show and adjoining Buccaneer Bay Water Park still attract many visitors.

Elvis performed in Pensacola on 26/2/56 at the Municipal Auditorium now the Bay Front Auditorium.

Flying through Miami, Elvis, his wife Priscilla and several of their friends left for a Bahamas vacation on 22/10/69. They stayed at the Paradise Island Hotel in Nassau. Unfortunately, storms with heavy rain and winds interrupted their stay and they came home after only one week.

Elvis performed in Auburn on 5/3/74 at Auburn University's Memorial Coliseum. In Birmingham on 29/12/76 he was at the Jefferson County Coliseum.

In Huntsville he stayed at the Hilton Hotel across from the Von Braun Civic Center where he sold out shows 30-31/5&1/6/75 as well as 6/9/76.

Elvis performed in Mobile many times. 4-5/5/55 he was at Ladd Stadium while 29-30/6/55 he was at the Radio Ranch Club. The Municipal Auditorium was the site for shows 14/9/70, 20/6/73, 2/6/75,29/8/76 and 2/6/77. He stayed at the Admiral Simms Hotel, the Quality Inn on I-65, the Battleship Inn and the Sheraton Hotel during these concert dates. Fans waited at the airport for him for over 24 hours in 1973 just to get a glimpse of him.

Pritchard, a suburb of Mobile was the site of a 26/10/55 show at the Greater Gulf Sates Fair.

In Montgomery he performed at State Coliseum on 3/12/55, 6/3/74 and 16/2/77 staying at the Downtowner Inn during the 70s tours. Gov. George Wallace met Elvis when he attended the 1974 concert.

Sheffield's Community Center was where local Jaycees sponsored concerts on 19/1/55, 2/8/55, and 15/11/55.

The University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa hosted Elvis on 14/11/71, 3/6/75 and 30/8/76.


Elvis performed in Atlanta at the Sports Arena on 2/12/55. On 14-15/3/56 He was at the Fox Theater and the Paramount Theater 22-24/6/56. In the 70s he performed at the Omni on 21,29-30/6/73, 3/7/73, 30/4-2/5/75, 4-6/6/76 and 30/12/76. In Atlanta he stayed at the Stouffer's Hotel, Hyatt Regency Hotel and the Atlanta Hotel.

It is said that on 18/10/54 he performed in Conley south of Atlanta, at the Silver Slipper a night club owned by radio personality "Texas" Bill Strength. The exact date is still unconfirmed.

Bell Auditorium in Augusta was the site of shows 20/3/56 and 27/6/56.

Elvis performed at the Macon Coliseum on 15/4/72, 24/4/75, 31/8/76 and 1/6/77 staying at the Hilton Hotel.

Hysterical teens at the Savannah Sport Arena on 25/6/56 caused Wallace Davis to report, "Women have discovered burlesque and they love it!"

While at Savannah's Civic Center on 17/2/77 a woman dressed as the Easter bunny presented Elvis with a basket of fruit. He stayed at the Hilton.

He performed at the Waycross City Auditorium on 22/2/56.


Elvis performed at the Rapides Parish Coliseum on 29-30/3/77.

On 20/9/55 he performed at a barn dance at the Danville Fairgrounds. The show was broadcast on WDVA radio.

On 6/2/56 he was at the National Theater in Greensboro.

In Hampton Roads he performed at the Coliseum on 9/4/72 and this show was filmed by MGM for the documentary "Elvis On Tour." He was also at the Coliseum on 11/3/74 and 31/7-8/1/76.

In Newport News the Paramount Theater on Washington Avenue was the venue for a 13/2/56 performance.

On 15/5/55 Elvis was at the Norfolk City Auditorium. He came back 11-12/9/55 where his clothes were torn off by fans that mobbed him. (In the audience was Eugene Vincent Craddock, who would win an Elvis sound alike contest in April 1956, winning a record contract with Capitol Records and becoming recording artist Gene Vincent.) On 12/2/56 Elvis performed at Norfolk's Montecello Auditorium. Richmond's Mosque Theater was the site of shows 16/5/55, 5/2/56, 22/3/56, and 30/6/56. On 18-19/9/55 he was at WRVA's Theater for the Old Dominion Barndance.

He performed in the 70s at Richmond's Coliseum. The 10/4/72 show was also filmed by MGM. Other dates there were 12&18/3/74 and 29/6/76.

Roanoke's American Legion Auditorium was used for shows on 18/5/55 and 15/9/55. The latter show was sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce to raise money for the Children's Baseball Program and Elvis was referred to as the "hillbilly Frank Sinatra." He stayed at the Hotel Roanoke. The Roanoke Civic Center was the site of 70s concerts. The 11/4/72 show was filmed by MGM as well as the then Mayor, Roy Webber, giving Elvis a key to the city aboard the plane when it landed. Other shows at the Roanoke Civic Center were on 10/3/74 and 2/8/76.


Elvis performed in Charleston, West Virginia on 11-12/7/75 and again on 24/7/76. He stayed at the Daniel Boone Hotel.


Charleston's County Hall Auditorium was the location of a 18/3/56 show. While the College Park Baseball Field in Charleston hosted a show on 28/6/56.

On 19/3/56 Elvis was at Columbia's Township Auditorium and on 18/2/77 he was at Columbia's Carolina Coliseum.

Elvis had a show in Spartanberg at the Carolina Theater on 9/2/56. On 17/9/55 Elvis performed a show at the Thomasville High School Auditorium.


Ashville's City Auditorium hosted Elvis shows on 17/5/55 and 16/9/55. While performing at the Ashville Civic Center 22-24/7/75 Elvis stayed at the Roadway Inn. Charlotte's famed Charlotte Motor Speedway was one of the locations where Elvis's 1968 movie "Speedway" was filmed.

Elvis performed at Charlotte's Carolina Theater on 10/2/56. He was at the Coliseum on 26/6/56, 13/4/72, 9/3/74, 20/3/76 and 20-21/2/77. In Charlotte Elvis stayed at the Downtowner Motel and the Sheraton.

Elvis stayed at the Ramada Inn when he played Fayetteville's Cumberland County Civic Center on 3-5/8/76.

The National Theater in Greensboro no longer stands but it was the site of a 6/2/56 show. Elvis played the Greensboro Coliseum on 14/4/72, 13/3/74, 21/7/75, 30/6/76 and 21/4/77 staying at the Hilton Hotel.

On 7/2/56 Elvis was at High Point's Center Theater.

Elvis was ill with a fever during his 21/3/56 visit to Lexington's YMCA Gymnasium. He sought out a local doctor but still performed his show. On 14/5/55 and 13/9/55 he performed at New Bern's Shrine Auditorium.

Raleigh 's Memorial Auditorium was where Elvis performed on 19/5/55 and 21/9/55. On 8/2/56 he was at Raleigh's Ambassador Theater.

In Wilson, on 14/2/56 fans who couldn't get tickets to the sold out show, tried to get in through windows of the Charles L. Coon High School Auditorium. In Wilson, Elvis had a show on 14/9/55 at the Fleming Stadium

In Winston-Salem on 16/2/56, Elvis performed at the Carolina Theater, now the home of the Stevens Center.
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Moving up the East Coast we stop at the U.S. capital, Washington, D.C. On 23/3/56 Elvis went to Washington, D.C. to perform as part of the "Country Music Cruise" on the SS Mount Vernon. On the way to this show he was interviewed on singer Jimmy Dean's show "Town and Country Time" on WMAL-TV.

It was very hard to say no to Elvis Presley when he wanted something. With security measures what they are today, it is doubtful that any of us could just show up at the White House and expect a personal visit in the Oval Office with current president. However, Elvis was able to do just that on December 21, 1970 when he visited then President Richard Nixon. He returned to Washington on Dec. 30, 1970 and visited the headquarters of the National Sheriffs Association and on the 31st he had a special tour of FBI headquarters. Tours of the White House today are very restricted and you must request access months in advance through your Congressional representative.


Elvis performed in Landover, Maryland at the Capital Center Arena on 27/6/76 and 22/5/77. Elton John, along with his mother and step-father, visited Elvis backstage between shows in 1976 and Elton requested the song "Heartbreak Hotel." Elvis fulfilled that request. Elvis performed at the University of Maryland's Cole Fieldhouse in College Park on 27-28/9/74. In Baltimore he performed at the Civic Center on 9/11/71 and 29/5/77.


When in Philadelphia Elvis performed at the Sports Arena which was later replaced by the Spectrum. His shows were on 5-6/4/57, 8/11/71, 23/6/74, 28/6/76 and 28/5/77. At the 1977 show a young Bruce Springsteen was in the audience at the Spectrum. Elvis stayed at the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel and the Hilton Hotel. In Pittsburgh Elvis performed at the Civic Arena on 25-26/6/73 and 31/12/76. At the special New Year's Eve concert, Elvis told the audience, "I would like to wish you a happy and prosperous new year. And health and happiness throughout 1977."

Elvis's first plane ride was to New York City on 23/3/55 to audition for the TV program "Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts." Unfortunately, they weren't impressed with Elvis. Nearly a year later on 25/1/56, he was back in New York for the first of six appearances on the Dorsey Brothers' "Stage Show" (28/1/56, 4/2/56, 11/2/56, 18/2/56, 17/3/56, 24/3/56). On this and subsequent trips to New York he stayed at the Warwick Hotel. On the night of his first "Stage Show" appearance he had dinner at the nearby Hickory House restaurant. And after his second appearance on the show they invited him to the famous Roseland Dance Club in Manhattan.

His rehearsals for the "Stage Show" were held at Nola Studios which were between 51st and 52nd Streets. The show was broadcast from CBS Studio 50, now known as The Ed Sullivan Theater and today home to "Late Show with David Letterman." It was also the site for Elvis's third and last appearance on the "The Ed Sullivan Show" (6/1/57).

The second of Elvis's three Ed Sullivan show bookings (28/10/56) was on 39th Street at the Maxine Elliot Theater, which is no longer there.

Elvis's appearance on "The Steve Allen Show" on 1/7/56 took place at the Hudson Theater, which was granted landmark status in 1987 and is now a part of the Millennium Broadway Hotel complex. After the show Elvis was interviewed via telephone in his Warwick Hotel room on the "Hy Gardner Calling" TV show.

Elvis recorded "Hound Dog" and "Don't Be Cruel" on 1/7/56 at RCA's New York Studios on East 24tht Street. Today, that building is a part of Baruch College. The next day on his way out of town Elvis ran into singer Gene Vincent at Penn Station and congratulated him on the success of "BeBop A Lula."

Elvis's first movie was "Love Me Tender." After filming was completed, it was decided that a new ending would be added to the film. Elvis was in New York for an Ed Sullivan Show appearance when the new ending was filmed on 29/10/56 at Junco Studio on East 69th Street. The movie premiered at the Times Square Paramount Theater on 15/11/56, however, Elvis did not attend the event.

On 22/9/58 Elvis's troop train arrived in Brooklyn, where he boarded the USS Randall and sailed for Army duty in Germany.

In June of 1972 Elvis returned to New York for a series of four sold out shows at Madison Square Garden. Among those in the audience were John Lennon, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, David Bowie and Art Garfunkel. It was the first time an entertainer had sold out the Garden for four shows in a row.

Binghampton, New York's Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena was the site of concerts on 26-27/5/77 with Elvis staying at the Treadway Inn.

In Buffalo Elvis performed at the Memorial Auditorium on 1/4/57, 5/4/72 and 25/6/76, each time staying at the Statler Hotel. The 1972 show was filmed for the MGM documentary "Elvis On Tour."

Elvis performed in Niagara Falls at the International Convention Center on 24/6/74 and 13/7/75. He stayed at the Parkway-Ramada Inn.

The Community War Memorial Auditorium in Rochester, NY was the venue for concerts on 26/7/76 and 25/5/77. After the 1976 show local reporter Jack Matthew's wrote, "There are a few traumatic events in life during which civilized men and women can be expected to lose their poise...a theater fire, a gambling raid, a fall from an airplane and an Elvis Presley concert."

On 25 & 27/7/76 Elvis was in Syracuse at the Onondaga War Memorial Auditorium. A bad review in the local paper after the show on the 25th prompted thousands of letters and phone calls of protest by irate fans. This prompted the newspaper to send a different reporter to cover the show on the 27th.

In Uniondale's Nassau County Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Elvis performed on 22-24/6/73 and 19/7/75.

On 3/3/60, after serving in the U.S. Army in Germany, Elvis returned to the United States when his plane arrived at McGuire Air Force Base near Fort Dix, New Jersey. A press conference was held after he went through customs and he was greeted by his manager Colonel Tom Parker, singer Nancy Sinatra and a number of RCA executives. His discharge from active duty was processed at Fort Dix and then on 5/3/60 he went to a hotel in Trenton, New Jersey to rest. Later that night he left for Memphis by train.


Elvis performed in Hartford on 28/7/76 at the Civic Center. On 16-17/7/75 and 30/7/76 Elvis performed at the Coliseum in New Haven. He stayed at the Hilton Hotel in 1975 and in 1976 he stayed in Hartford and traveled to New Haven by chartered bus.


Providence's Civic Center Auditorium was the site of concerts on 22/6/74, 26/6/76 and 23/5/77.


Elvis performed in Boston Garden on 10/11/71. It was the home of the Boston Celtics and was torn down in 1998. The Civic Center in Springfield was the venue for Elvis concerts on 14-15/7/75 and 29/7/76. Both times Elvis stayed in Hartford and took a chartered bus to the show.


On 24/5/77 Elvis performed at the Augusta Civic Center. During the show he substituted Maine for Spain the the song "I've Never Been To Spain." Elvis was scheduled to begin his next tour in Portland, Maine at the Cumberland County Civic Center on 17-18/8/77. Colonel Parker was already in town making preparations for the show when word came that Elvis had died at Graceland.


Elvis's only performances outside the United States were five shows in three Canadian cities in 1957. Elvis performed two shows on 2/4/57 at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto. He wore the full gold lame´ suit on stage for the third and last time that night. He was in Ottawa for two shows on 3/4/57 at Ottawa Auditorium and wore the gold jacket from the gold lame' suit, but substituted black slacks for the gold ones. He stayed at the Beacon Arms Apartment Hotel. On 31/8/57 Elvis performed a concert at Empire Stadium in Vancouver.
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Cleveland, Ohio the site of Elvis's first concerts north of the Mason-Dixon line. On 26/2/55 and 19-20/10/55, Elvis performed at Circle Theater's "Hillbilly Jamboree."

During the day on 20/10/55, Elvis also performed at Brooklyn High School and St. Michael's Hall. Also performing at these shows were Bill Haley and the Comets, Pat Boone and The Four Lads. They were taking part in the making of a short film called "The Pied Piper of Cleveland," which focused on a day in the life of famed disc jockey Bill Randle. (The footage of Elvis has not surfaced publicly.)

Elvis performed at the Arena in Cleveland on 23/11/56. On 6/11/71 and 21/6/74 he appeared at the Cleveland Convention Center Public Hall. On 10/7/75, 18/7/75, and 23/10/76 he performed at the Cleveland Coliseum in nearby Richfield. During these appearances he enjoyed Cleveland's Keg And Quarter and a special menu of corn bread and greens.

On 1/23/86 Elvis was posthumously inducted into the prestigious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame located in Cleveland. The Elvis exhibit and the items on loan there from Graceland, changes periodically.

Elvis performed in Columbus, Ohio on 26/5/56 at Veteran Memorial Auditorium and at St. John Arena on 25/6/74. The venue for Elvis's concerts in Dayton was the University of Dayton. On 27/5/56 his show was at the Fieldhouse and a reporter described him as "a Tennessee fugitive from a barbershop." He performed at the University Arena on 7/4/72, 6/10/74 and 26/10/76. In 1974 he stayed at the Ramada Inn and in 1976 he stayed at the Stouffer's Dayton Plaza Hotel.

On 22/11/56 his show was at the Toledo Sports Arena and Elvis stayed at the Commodore Perry Hotel. He returned on 23/4/77 to the University of Toledo's Centennial Hall, staying at the Sheraton-Westmore Hotel. In Troy he performed at the Hobart Arena on 24/11/56.

In Cincinnati, Elvis had concerts at the Cincinnati Gardens on 11/11/71 and 27/6/73. While Riverfront Coliseum was the site for a show on 21/3/76 in which Elvis split the seat of his jumpsuit and had to leave the stage to go and change. He stayed at the Netherland Hilton Hotel. His next show at the Coliseum was on 25/6/77. This trip he was booked into a different hotel and when he had problems with the air conditioning in his room, he marched down the street to the Netherland and checked himself in there.

In Detroit, Elvis performed at the Fox Theater on 25/5/56, and ads for the show stated "The King is Coming!" Subsequent visits on 31/3/57, 11/9/70, 6/4/72, 29/9/74, 4/10/74, and 22/4/77 his shows were at the Olympia Stadium later named Joe Louis Stadium. On 24/4/77 at Ann Arbor's University of Michigan Crisler Arena RCA recorded the songs "Unchained Melody" and "Little Darlin'" which were released on the "Moody Blue" album.

In Kalamazoo Elvis performed at the Wings Stadium on 21/10/76 and 26/4/77. Saginaw Civic Center was the venue for concerts on 25/4/77 and 3/5/77. At the 25/4/77 concert, RCA recorded "If You Love Me (Let Me Know), which made their way to the "Moody Blue" album.

Elvis stayed at the Hilton Hotel in Troy while preparing for a special New Year's Eve concert at Pontiac's Silverdome on 31/12/75. Accompanying Elvis and his entourage were his father Vernon, his daughter Lisa, his girlfriend Linda Thompson and singer T.G. Sheppard and his wife. Problems with frigid weather, a two-tiered staging arrangement Elvis was uncomfortable with and poor sound in the massive venue were compounded by Elvis splitting his pants early in the show. After the show, Elvis and his party flew home and celebrated the New Year by watching Monty Python tapes.

A show on 14/5/56 in LaCrosse at the Mary E. Sawyer Auditorium brought chaos. Police and MPs from nearby Camp McCoy couldn't contain the crowd and Elvis had to run for his dressing room on the second floor. Outside fans formed a human pyramid nearly 30 feet high trying to get a glimpse of him in his dressing room. The local newspaper editor wrote to FBI director J. Edgar Hoover expressing his concerns about Elvis and his menace to society. Elvis stayed at the Stoddard Hotel.

On 28/4/77 Elvis performed in Green Bay at the Brown County Veteran's Memorial Coliseum, later renamed Brown County Expo Center. And in Madison Elvis stayed at the Sheraton Inn while performing at the Dane County Coliseum on 19/10/76 and 24/6/77. Milwaukee Auditorium Arena, apart of the Wisconsin Center Complex, was the venue for shows on 14-15/6/72, 28/6/74 and 27/4/77.


In Ft. Wayne Elvis performed at the Memorial Coliseum on 30/3/57, 12/6/72 and 25/10/76. In Bloomington he appeared at the University of Indiana Assembly Hall on 27/6/74 and 27/5/76. He stayed at the Evansville Executive Inn while performing at Roberts Stadium on 13/6/72 and 24/10/76. In South Bend, Elvis's concerts were at Notre Dame's Athletic and Convention Center on 30/9/74, 1/10/74 and 20/10/76. He performed on 9/7/75 at Terre Haute's Hulman Civic Center, later named Glenn Civic Center.

On /4-7/12/55 Elvis had shows at the Indianapolis Lyric Theater. He stayed at the Hilton Hotel while performing on 12/4/72 at the State Fairgrounds Coliseum, and again on 4/10/74 when he was at the Expo Convention Center. He stayed at the Stouffer's Indianapolis Inn before his concert on 26/6/77 at Market Square Arena. A CBS film crew filmed him as he left the plane and receiving an award from RCA as part of the TV special "Elvis In Concert" which was in production at the time. The Indianapolis show was Elvis's last concert performance. (Shows earlier on the tour were shot for the special.) Elvis died a little over six weeks later on August 16, 1977.Market Square Arena was imploded in 2001 to make room for new development.Though a plaque commemorates the venue as being the site of Elvis' final concert.


Elvis performed for employees of the Phillip Morris company at a private party they were having on 8/12/55 at the Rialto Theater in Louisville. The Jefferson County National Guard Armory was the site of an 25/11/56 performance. He stayed at the Seal Bark Hotel. Elvis's grandfather Jesse Presley lived in Louisville and Elvis visited with him at his home during both the 1956 appearance and again in 1971 when Elvis appeared at Freedom Hall. His grandfather died on 19/3/73 and is buried in Louisville. Elvis toured there again performing at Freedom Hall on 26/6/74, 23/7/76 and 21/5/77.

On 13/5/56 Elvis performed a matinee show in St. Paul at the Auditorium then moved on to Minneapolis for an evening show at the City Auditorium Arena.

He returned to Minneapolis on 5/11/71 for a show at the Metropolitan Sports Center in nearby Blaine. This was the first stop on this tour in which J.D. Sumner and The Stamps Quartet would permanently replace The Imperials. It was also on this tour that comedian Jackie Kahane became Elvis's opening act. Elvis had introduced the use of the cape as part of his costume during his summer booking in Las Vegas, he now also wore capes on tour. His last time to perform at the Sports Center was 17/10/76 and that time he stayed in Bloomington at the Registry Hotel.

He had concerts at the St. Paul Civic Center on 2-3/10/74 and again on 30/4/77. He dedicated the 1977 show to Calvin Griffith and the Minnesota Twins baseball team, many of whom were in the audience after winning their game that day.

Proctor Arena in Duluth was the site for concerts on 16/10/76 and 29/4/77. Both times he stayed at the Radisson Hotel.


Elvis stayed at the Holiday Inn while performing at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center in Rapid City. This show on 6/21/77 was filmed and recorded by RCA and CBS for the his album and TV special "Elvis In Concert." A fan tossed a rose on stage and after Elvis danced around with it between his teeth, he threw it back into the audience as a souvenir.

Elvis had rooms at the Downtown Holiday Inn while performing at the Sioux Falls Arena on 10/18/76 and on 6/22/77.


Des Moines' Veteran's Memorial Auditorium was the site for shows on 22/5/56, 20/6/74, and 23/6/77. Before the 1956 show, the girls from St. Joseph's Academy were advised not to attend due to his act being considered lewd. For the 1974 show he had rooms at the Downtown Ramada Inn and in 1977 at the Holiday Inn.

The Municipal Auditorium Sioux City was the venue for a 23/5/56 show.

On 28/5/76 he performed in Ames at Iowa State University's James W. Hilton Coliseum. During this show Elvis tied knots in his scarves as a means of weighting them to try throwing them further up and into the balcony seats.


Elvis was in Topeka at the Municipal Auditorium on 21/5/56. He stayed at the Hotel Kansan during this trip.

Elvis performed at the Wichita Forum on 18/5/56, staying at the Lassen Hotel. According to reports, Marilyn Shirkey, a student and the president of the local Elvis fan club, was the lucky recipient of a gift from Elvis. He gave her his well worn blue suede shoes. Several weeks before he came to Wichita, there had been a rumor that he had been killed in a plane crash. On stage he told the screaming girls, "I just want to clarify that rumor 'bout me being dead."

His next visit to Wichita was on 19/6/72 at the Henry Levitt Arena. In the middle of a heat wave and without any air conditioning, it was extremely hot on stage. Elvis joked while introducing a 50s song, "I'd like to go back a few years--when it was cooler." He would return to Henry Levitt Arena again on 7/10/74 and on 27/12/76. Both times it was much cooler outside. In 1976, a fan gave him a red Santa hat and he wore it on stage.

Elvis performed at the University of Nebraska Coliseum in Lincoln on 19/5/56. He stayed at the Hilton Hotel on 20/6/77 while performing at Lincoln's Pershing Municipal Auditorium. This show was filmed and recorded by RCA and CBS as part of the shows filmed for possible use in the TV special "Elvis In Concert."

In Omaha, Elvis had a shows at the Civic Auditorium Arena on 20/5/56, 30/6/74 - 1/7/74, 22/4/76, and 19/6/77. In 1976 he canceled his reservations at the Hilton Hotel and stayed on the plane at Eppley Airfield until it was time to go to the Arena. The 1977 show was filmed and recorded and "My Way" from this show was used in the TV special "Elvis In Concert."


Elvis performed in Altus, Oklahoma on 24/6/55. He had a show at the Guymon High School Auditorium on 1/6/55.

Lawton's McMahon Memorial Auditorium was the site for a 8:00 PM show on 23/6/55.Afterwards he performed at the Southern Club also in Lawton.

He performed at the Oklahoma City Municipal Auditorium, later named the Oklahoma Civic Center on 16/10/55. He returned on 19/4/56, staying at the Biltmore Hotel. At this show a local minister, Dr. Rupert Naney, was in the audience to monitor Elvis's behavior on stage. While in town for a show on 16/11/70 at the State Fair of Oklahoma Fairgrounds Arena, Elvis was pronounced by Governor Dewey Bartlett an "Honorary Okie." At the 2/7/73 show at the Myriad Convention Center Elvis welcomed home a Vietnam veteran!! He performed at the Myriad again on 8/7/75 and 29/5/76. In 1976 he stayed at the Hilton Inn Northwest.

He had shows in Norman, Oklahoma at the University of Oklahoma Lloyd Noble Center on 25-26/3/77. This time he stayed in Oklahoma City at the Skirvin Plaza Hotel.

In Tulsa, Elvis performed at the Tulsa State Fairgrounds Pavilion on 18/4/56. He stayed at the Fairmont Mayo Hotel when he had a concert at the Tulsa Civic Assembly Center on 20/6/72. He had shows at the Oral Roberts University Mabee Special Events Center on 1-2/3/74 and again on 4/7/76. For this July 4th. show, Elvis wore one of two special jumpsuits he had made in celebration of the U.S. Bicentennial. A highlight of the show was his rendition of the song "America the Beautiful."


On 20/7/55 Elvis was at the Cape Girardeau Arena. Along with several others including Wanda Jackson and Bob Neal, he was giving a benefit performance for the Southeast Chapter of The United Cerebral Palsy Fund.

Elvis performed at a roadhouse called the B&B Club in Gobler, Missouri on 8/4/55 and 28/9/55. This club burned down in 1962.

The Poplar Bluff National Guard Armory was the venue for a show on 9/3/55.

Elvis performed at the Kansas City Municipal Auditorium on 24/5/56. Or at least he tried to. After only 20 minutes on stage a riot erupted and D.J. Fontana's drums, Bill Black's stand-up bass were damaged and D.J. ended up in the orchestra pit. Elvis ran from the frenzied fans who pursued him, ripping at his clothing, until he was rescued by security. He performed at that venue again on 15/11/71 and 29/6/74, staying at the Hilton Hotel during the latter visit.

Kemper Arena was the site of concerts on 21/4/76 and 18/6/77.

Elvis performed at Springfield, Missouri's Shrine Mosque on 17/5/56, and on 17/6/77 he performed at the Hammons Center at Southwestern Missouri State University. He and his entourage had rooms at the Howard Johnson Hotel.

On 21-23/10/55 Elvis was a part of shows at St. Louis's Missouri Theater. After that time, all of his shows in St. Louis took place at the Henry J. Kiel Auditorium. His show on 29/3/57 was the last time Elvis wore the pants to his gold lame´suit on stage, preferring for the rest of 1957 to wear the gold jacket with black slacks. Elvis stayed at the Hotel Chase during this visit. He had shows at Kiel Auditorium again on 10/9/70 and 28/6/73 staying at the Chase-Park Plaza Hotel. His last show in St. Louis was on 22/3/76, this time staying at the Bel Air Hilton Hotel.

Elvis stayed with his great-uncle Floyd Presley when he performed in Sikeston, Missouri on 21/1/55 at a benefit for the National Guard unit at the National Guard Armory. On this trip he met local performer Onie Wheeler. Elvis and singing group The Browns went to the Lakeview Inn nightclub where Onie Wheeler was booked. They joined him on stage with Elvis playing the drums. Soon after, Wheeler toured with Elvis and the others for part of 1955. Elvis performed again at the National Guard Armory on 7/9/55.
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On 28/3/57 Elvis performed at the International Amphitheater in Chicago. It was there that he debuted the famous gold lame´suit. He also gave a press conference at the Stockyard's Saddle and Sirloin Club.

Elvis performed at the Chicago Stadium on 16-17/6/72, 14-15/10/76, and 1-2/5/77. In 1976 he stayed at the Arlington Park Hilton.

On 22/10/76 he was at the University of Illinois Assembly Hall in Champaign.

On 27/10/76 he performed in Carbondale at the Southern Illinois University Arena.


In Canada, Elvis performed in Vancouver, British Columbia on 31/8/57 at Empire Stadium. He stayed at the Georgia Hotel in Room 1226 and he gave a press conference in the dressing room of the Lions football team. The show ended in mid-song when security could no longer contain a growing riot of fans and Elvis once again had to run for his life.


Elvis performed in Seattle at Sick's Stadium, also known as Rainer Ball Park in the evening of 1/9/57. He had a matinee show that same day in Tacoma at Lincoln High's Lincoln Bowl.

On 4/9/62 Elvis once again was in Seattle for the location filming of his movie "It Happened At The World's Fair." He stayed at the Doric New Washington Hotel while filming at the Seattle World's Fair. Today the fairgrounds are known as Seattle Center which hosts many visitors.

On 12/11/70 and 26/4/76 Elvis had concerts in Seattle at the Coliseum, later named Key Arena. And on 29/4/73 his show was at Mercer Arena, formerly Seattle Center Arena.

On 30/8/57 his show was at the Spokane Memorial Stadium. on 28/4/73 and 27/4/76 he performed at the Spokane Coliseum which became the Spokane Arena.

On 2/9/57 Elvis attempted to perform at Portland's Multnomah Stadium, which became the Portland Civic Stadium. However, after only 15 minutes on stage, a riot broke out. This trip to Portland he stayed at the Multnomah Hotel. He stayed at the Benson Hotel when he performed at the Portland Memorial Coliseum on 11/11/70. He also had concerts at the Coliseum on 27/4/73 and 26/11/76. He stayed at the Sheraton Inn in 1976 and the linens from his room were later sold at auction to benefit the Susan Curtis Foundation and the handicapped children they served.

On 25 & 27/11/76 Elvis had shows at McArthur Court Pavilion of the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon. This was over the Thanksgiving holiday that year and Elvis stayed at the Valley River Inn where he enjoyed watching football before his concert.


On 24/11/76 Elvis performed at the Centennial Coliseum in Reno, Nevada. It was later named the Reno-Sparks Convention Center. Del Webb's Sahara Tahoe Hotel was the venue for shows in the 1970s. Today it is called Horizon Casino Resort. His shows were 20/7/71 - 2/8/71, 5/5/73 -5/20/73, 16/5/74 - 26/5/74, 11/10/74 - 14/11/74, and 30/4/76 - 9/5/76. During his engagement in 1971 he tossed small teddy bears into the audience and clowned around wearing a gorilla mask on stage. Closing night in 1976 he stayed on stage performing for over two hours.

Elvis's first visit to Las Vegas was when he performed at the New Frontier's Venus Room 23/4 - 6/5/56. Contrary to some reports, Elvis was only booked there for two weeks and not four. Comedian Shecky Greene and the Freddy Martin orchestra were also on the bill. The advertisements for Elvis's show proclaimed him "The Atomic Powered Singer." Accustomed to performing in front of screaming teenagers, it was an adjustment to play in front of more sedate adults who patronized the Las Vegas casinos and to garner their acceptance.

Elvis fell in love with the city of Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps, and spent a great deal of time enjoying the other acts that were in town as well as the local amusement park. Colonel Parker arranged a special matinee during Elvis's New Frontier engagement for teenagers with the proceeds going toward the purchase of lights for the local baseball park. When Elvis would return to performing in Las Vegas in the 1970s, he and Col. Parker would donate the merchandise sold in the lobby of the hotel, and the stand would be manned by various local charities with the monies going to their causes.

He returned to performing concerts in Las Vegas for a month-long engagement beginning on 31/7/69 at theInternational Hotel, renamed the Hilton Hotel in the early 1970s, and he continued to perform engagments at the Hilton through to his last one beginning 12/12/76. He was generally there twice a year performing to sold out audiences. He stayed in a special suite at the Hilton when performing there, Today in 2005, the remodeled suite is being used by Barry Manilow who is now a regular entertainer at the Hilton showroom.

Las Vegas was one of Elvis's favorite vacation spots when he wanted to rest and unwind. He would often visit on weekends when in California making his movies in the 1960s. In those days he would often stay at the Sahara Hotel. He made his most financially successful movie there. "Viva Las Vegas" co-starring Ann-Margret was filmed in various locations in and around Las Vegas, including the then Vegas Amusement park in Henderson, the then drag strip in Henderson, the University of Nevada- Las Vegas gym, the Flamingo Hotel pool and the Tropicana Hotel skeet range. Lake Mead Marina and the dam were also used in shooting. The aerial shots of Las Vegas were filmed over Fremont Street and what was then called "Glitter Gulch."

There are many wedding chapels in Las Vegas including the Little Church of the West where Elvis and Ann-Margret's characters were wed in the movie. Elvis and his real wife, Priscilla, were married in Las Vegas at the old Aladdin Hotel. Today that hotel has been replaced by the new Aladdin and Desert Passage. Although Elvis never visited the Imperial Palace Hotel, there is a car museum inside that usually has one of his Cadillacs on display.
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Honolulu Stadium was the site for his 10/11/57 concert. The stadium has since been demolished, replaced by Old Stadium Park.

The Honolulu International Center is now the Neal S. Blaisdell Center. It was the location for concerts on 17-18/11/72 as well as the rehearsal show and the now famous satellite broadcast of "Aloha From Hawaii"12/1& 14/1/73.

The Schofield Army Barracks was the venue for his concert on 11/11/57.

The benefit concert given on 25/3/61 to raise funds for the building of the USS Arizona Memorial was held at Bloch Arena on the naval base. Nearby you can visit the memorial itself. Over the years after it was built, Elvis sometimes visited the memorial. He was proud to be an American and to have had the opportunity to play such a vital role in the building of this monument to those who died in the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 at the start of World War II.


Most often Elvis stayed on Oahu at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel. In 1965 and again in 1968 he stayed at the the Ilikai Hotel Nikko Waikiki. He also rented homes on the North Shore.

Elvis made three movies that shot on locatioin in Hawaii: "Blue Hawaii," "Paradise, Hawaiian Style" and "Girls! Girls! Girls!" Locations for these movies on Oahu were Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head, Ala Wai Yacht Harbor, Punchbowl Cemetery and the road leading to Mount Tantalus, exteriors of the Honolulu Police Department (jail scene in "Blue Hawaii" was filmed on a set back in Hollywood), Ala Moana Park, Hanauma Bay, Waiola Tea Room, pineapple fields along Kamehameha Highway (Hawaii Route 99) near Haleiwa, Bumble Bee Tuna Company, and the Polynesian Cultural Center in Laie.

Some scenes for the film "Paradise, Hawaiian Style" were shot at the Maui Sheraton Hotel in Lahaina, as well as the private airstrip near the Royal Lahina Resort. Footage in the film also included The Kona Coast near Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii.


The Hanalei Plantation Resort was used in "Paradise, Hawaiian Style," however, the spot now is the site of a new home development. In "Blue Hawaii" the waterfalls at Wailua River State Park were filmed as well as Lydgate Park.

The Kauai Airport, Anohaola Village and Hanalei Bay were also in the film. The famous wedding scene was filmed at the Coco Palms Resort Hotel, which was severely damaged by Hurricane Iniki in 1992. Still "Blue Hawaii" style weddings are held there on the grounds. And as of July 14, 2005, newspapers report that there is a new project in the works to redevelop the resort into a mixed-use facility featuring 200 condominiums and 104 hotel rooms with restaurants and conference space. Elvis's bungalow "Cottage 56" will be restored and a museum is planned. The opening date is set for mid-2008.

Fresno's Selland Arena was the site for concerts 25/4/73 and 12/5/74.

In San Francisco he performed at the Civic Auditorium, later known as the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium on 26/10/57. On 13/1170 and again 28-29/1176 he was at the Cow Palace. Nearby in Oakland he had shows at the Auditorium Arena on 3/6/56 and 27/10/57. On 10/11/70 and 11/11/72 he performed at the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum.

In San Bernadino, Elvis performed at the Swing Auditorium on 12-13/11/72 and 10 & 13/5/74. This venue was demolished after a plane crashed into it in 1981.

In the Los Angeles area, Elvis performed at the Shrine Auditorium on 8/6/56 and stayed at the Knickerbocker Hotel. In 1957 on 28-29/10 he was at the Pan Pacific Auditorium which has since been destroyed by fire. The Forum in nearby Inglewood was the site for shows on 14/11/70 and 11/5/74.

In Long Beach's Municipal Auditorium, Elvis performed on 7/6/56. On 14/11/72 and 25/4/76 he was at the Veterans Memorial Stadium. The Anaheim Convention Center was the venue for shows 4/23-24/4/73 and 30/11/76.

Further south in San Diego, Elvis performed at the Old San Diego Sports Arena on 4/4-5/4/56 and 6/6/56. The new Sports Arena was used for shows on 15/11/70, 26/4/73 and 24/4/76. San Diego was also the site of an early TV performance on the Milton Berle Show which was broadcast from the USS Hancock, anchored there.

Other television appearances included his 5/6/56 Milton Berle Show appearance filmed in Hollywood at the ABC studios, and the 9/9/56 Ed Sullivan Show filmed at the CBS studios. NBC studios in Burbank was the site of the filming of Elvis' famed 1968 TV special. Today the "Tonight Show" with Jay Leno is filmed there.

Elvis often recorded at Radio Recorders in Los Angeles, which is today known as Studio 56. He of course filmed his movies mostly in California. Many of them at the Paramount Studios which does offer tours. He also filmed at Twentieth Century-Fox Studios and Metro-Goldwyn Mayer which is now Sony Pictures. Universal Studios offers tours and was the studio that made "Change of Habit."
Elvis was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1961 and it was originally located at 6777 Hollywood Blvd. However, due to problems they had with the ground in that area, his star was moved in April 1998 to a location near Hollywood Blvd. and La Brea Avenue. It is near a gazebo honoring silver screen goddesses Mae West, Dolores Del Rio (who played Elvis's mother in "Flaming Star"), Dorothy Dandridge and Anna May Wong. The managers of the Walk felt Elvis's star would be very comfortable among those ladies.

Elvis movie production locations outside of the studio lots include the Big Bear Lake area where parts of "Kissin' Cousins" were filmed. Hidden Lodge in Idyllwild was used in "Kid Galahad." In northern California in the Napa Valley, The Ink House at St. Helena, was used in "Wild In The Country."

Among the places Elvis stayed and lived in California were the above mentioned Hollywood Knickerbocker Hotel and The Beverly Wilshire Hotel (now known as the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel). He also had several homes in the Bel Air area. At various times Elvis had homes at 10539 Bellagio Road, 525 Perugia Way (not 565 as reported by various sources; but it was the location of the famous meeting with the Beatles), 10550 Rocca Place, 1174 Hillcrest Road and 144 Monovale Drive. In Palm Springs he had homes at 845 Chino Canyon Road and 1350 Ladera Circle and a rental home on Camino del Norte.


Elvis performed in Phoenix, Arizona at the State Fairgrounds on 9/6/56. He made his entrance in a green Cadillac. Later he had to run for his life when over enthusiastic fans broke through a barrier fence.
Elvis's focus in the 1960s was on his movie career. After his triumphant return to live performing with his Las Vegas engagements in August 1969 and 1970 and his record breaking appearances at the Houston Astrodome in March 1970, Elvis decided to begin touring once again. His first concert tour of the 1970s began on 9/09/70 in the Coliseum at Phoenix. MGM and RCA were on hand to record the show which was delayed by a bomb threat. Elvis stayed on the 10th. floor of the Townhouse Hotel. He returned to Phoenix on 22/4/73 to play at the Veteran's Memorial Coliseum and staying again at Del Webb's Townhouse Hotel.

In 1956, Elvis performed in Tuscon at the Arizona Rodeo Grounds on 10/6/56. He returned on 9/1172 at the Community Center Arena, he performed there again on 1/6/76.

Elvis had a show in Tempe at the Arizona State University Activities Center on 23/3/77.

Location shooting for two of Elvis's films took place in Arizona. "Stay Away Joe" was filmed in the Sedona and Cottonwood area. While "Charro!" was filmed near the Superstition Mountains. Elvis and the crew stayed at the Superstition Inn in Mesa during filming.


In Albuquerque Elvis performed at the National Guard Armory on 12/4/56. On 19/4/72 he played Albuquerque's Tingley Coliseum. Before that show he met with a young girl suffering with cancer. He dedicated the song "You Gave Me A Mountain" to her during the concert.

On 11/2/55 Elvis performed at Carlsbad's Sports Arena. Then on 12/2/55 he put on a show at the American Legion Hall. 14/2/55 he performed a benefit show for the Rowell, New Mexico Fire Department at the North Junior High School Auditorium.


Elvis performed twice a the Salt Place in Salt Lake City. The show dates were 16/11/71 and 2/7/74.


Elvis performed in Denver's Coliseum on 8/4/56, 17/11/70 and 30/4/73. After the 1970 show he partied at the Playboy Hotel. McNichols Arena was the venue for a show on 23/4/76.

Colorado was also a vacation spot for Elvis and his friends. He spent his forty-first birthday in January 1976 enjoying the snow at Vail. He became friends with several of Denver's policemen and Denver was the site for one of his famous car buying sprees.
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It all began in Mississippi. Vernon Elvis Presley and Gladys Love Smith, both born in Mississippi, fell in love and on June 17, 1933 they eloped to Verona, Mississippi where they were married. On January 8, 1935 their twin sons Jesse and Elvis were born at their modest two-room home in Tupelo, Mississippi. Sadly, Jesse was stillborn, however, his younger brother (by 35 minutes) Elvis would go on to become a legend in his lifetime and well beyond. Today you can plan on visiting the birthplace home as well as a museum and chapel built nearby to honor the memory of Elvis Presley.
Elvis went to East Tupelo Elementary School for grades 1 - 5. Today it is called Lawhon Elementary School. He attended Milam Junior High for grades 6, 7 and part of 8 (these are still operating schools.) Elvis and his family attended the First Assembly of God Church in Tupelo. Tupelo Hardware is where his mother purchased for Elvis his first guitar. The Tupelo Fairgrounds is where Elvis performed on 3/10/45, 1/9/55, 26/9/56 and 27/9/57.
Another Mississippi venue is Beldon High School Gym where he performed on 15/6/55.

Biloxi's Slavonian Lodge was the site for a show on 26/6/55 where Elvis, as well as singer Marty Robbins, helped dedicate the lodge's new air conditioner. Elvis did a benefit at the Community House for the Doll and Toy Fund of the Lion's Club and the "Daily Hearld" on 6/11/55. This building was destroyed by Hurricane Camille in 1969. At nearby Keesler Air Force Base, Elvis performed shows on 27-28/6/55 and 7-8/11/55 at the Airman's Club. This is also where he met his one-time girlfriend June Juanico.

In Booneville he did a benefit for the Kawanis Club at the Northeast Mississippi Community College Auditorium on 17/1/55. On this occasion "Booneville Banner" published the first "front page" story about Elvis and his career.

In the town of Bruce, Elvis performed a benefit for the senior trip of the Senior class of '55-'56 on 14/6/55. The show took place at the Bruce High School Gym.

In Clarksdale Elvis performed at the City Auditorium on 12/1/55, 10/3/55 and 8/9/55.

He performed a benefit for the Jaycees in Corinith on 18/1/55 at the Alcorn County Courthouse Assembly Hall. He sang again in the Meeting Room of the Courthouse on 7/4/55.

In Grenada he performed on 20/4/55 at the American Legion Hall.

He had a show on 9/9/55 at the McComb High School Auditorium.

In Meridian on 25/5/55 he attended the Jimmie Rodgers Memorial Celebration and performed at the American Legion Hall. The next day 26/5/55, he rode in the parade and performed at the Junior College Stadium.

On 7/2/55 Elvis performed at the Ripley High School Gym for the benefit of their Senior class.

In the summer of 1956, Elvis along with Red West, Gene and Junior Smith, and Arthur Hooton arrived at June Juanico's house in Biloxi on 09/7/56. They stayed first at the Sun 'n' Sand Hotel Court. For more privacy, Elvis moved to the Gulf Hills Dude Ranch resort and finally he rented a house for the rest of the summer. They went horseback riding, swimming, skiing, skeet shooting and deep-sea fishing. Elvis had so much fun that he called his parents to come down and join them and they too went fishing. Elvis and June also showed them around nearby New Orleans. Elvis and his family enjoyed relaxing in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Elvis performed at a benefit in Jackson at the Mississippi State Fair Coliseum on 5/5/75. The benefit was for the victims of the McComb tornado which struck on 9/1/75. Elvis raised $35,000 for the cause and stayed at the Hilton Hotel while in town. He returned to perform at the same venue on 8-9/6/75. On 5/9/76 he performed at the Mississippi State Fair Civic Center. Prior to going on stage, then Mississippi Governor Cliff Finch, presented Elvis with a plaque naming him to the Mississippi Hall of Fame.

After his army induction at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas, Elvis was sent to Fort Hood, Texas near Killeen where he received his basic training as well as advanced tank training. After basic training he was allowed to live off base with his parents and grandmother, whom he temporarily relocated from Memphis to Killeen. They first lived in a mobile home and then in a rented house.

Elvis performed in Abilene, Texas at the Fiar Park Auditorium on 15/2/55 and 11/10/55. He had a concert on the Abilene Expo Center on 9/10/74 and the Taylor County Coliseum on 27/3/77. On 10/2/55 he was at the Alpine High School doing a benefit for the Future Farmers of America. In Amarillo there were shows the City Auditorium on 13/10/55 and 13/4/56. On 19/6/74 and 24/3/77 he performed at Amarillo's Civic Center. In Austin he was at the Sports Center on 25/8/55. On 18/1/56 he performed at the Austin Coliseum and the Municipal Auditorium on 28/3/77. On 6/10/55 he performed at Warren Stark's Skyline Club in the evening after having performed a show earlier at Southwest Texas State University at San Marcos.

Beaumont City Auditorium was the site for five benefit shows 20-21/6/55. He returned to the same venue on 17/1/56. He performed at Big Spring City Auditorium on 26/4/55. In Beckenridge he performed at the High School on 13/4/55 and the American Legion Hall on 10/6/55.

On 4/7/55 various music acts performed in two different cities - Stephenville and nearby De Leon - in what was called the Battle of Songs. They would perform in the first city then when there was a break, the groups would change cities and perform again. It was a mix of country and gospel singing. Elvis began in the morning at Stephenville and did his regular rockabilly show. The rest of the performers were gospel singers, The Blackwood Brothers and The Statesmen. Over in De Leon was one country act and other gospel groups such as The Stamps. Elvis was so touched by the tribute the Blackwood Brothers gave for their members who had died in a plane crash that he didn't sing his usual music in De Leon. He sang only gospel, including "The Old Wooden Church," "Precious Memories," "Known Only To Him" and "Just A Closer Walk With Thee," disappointing the teenagers who had come to see him. That night Elvis performed in Brownwood in a benefit show at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall, doing his regular show. It was a three-show day for Elvis.

Brownwood and nearby Stephenville had all-day gospel singings where the artists switched venues mid-way and citizens of each community could hear them all perform. On this date some of the other performers included The Stamps, The Blackwood Brothers and The Statesmen quartets. Elvis performed two shows in each city - his regular show at first and then an all-gospel set. Elvis's parents Gladys and Vernon Presley attended these shows. The Brownwood segments took place at the Soldiers and Sailor's Hall and benefited the Brownwood Volunteer Fire Department. Elvis returned to that venue for another benefit on 10/10/55.

Elvis performed at Texas A & M in College Station on 19/3/55 and 3/10/55. On 23/8/55 he was at Bryan's Saddle Club. He performed at the grand opening of the Carthage Milling Company on 12/11/55 using the PA system in the Sheriff's patrol car. Elvis tripped on the flatbed trucks used for a stage at Conroe High School's football field on 24/8/55, hitting his head, but he still was able to perform. He did a show at the Hoedown Club in Corpus Christi on 3/7/55 but had to flee the unruly crowd on 16/4/56 at the Corpus Christi Memorial Coliseum. In De Kalb's High School Gym he performed on 4/3/55. In El Paso he was at the Coliseum on 11/4/56 and 10/11/72. On 2/6/76 his show was at El Paso's Civic Center.

In Dallas he performed several times in 1955 at the Big D. Jamboree at the Sportatorium, stopping afterwards to take the stage at the Round-Up Club. On 11/10/56 he held a press conference and performed for the State Fair of Texas and the Cotton Bowl. He performed concerts at the Convention Center Auditorium on 13/11/71, 6/6/75 and 28/12/76. In Fort Worth he performed a matinee at the North Side Coliseum on 29/5/55 before his show in Dallas that night. He also performed there on 20/1/56 and 20/4/56. His shows at the Tarrant County Convention Center in Fort Worth were on 18/6/72, 15-16/6/74, 3/6/76 and 3/7/76.

In Gainesville he was at the Owl Park Baseball Field on 14/4/55. On 28/1/55 he was at the Gaston High School Auditorium. In Gilmer on 26/1/55 he had a show at the Rural Electrification Administration Building. Researchers vary on the date of an Elvis performance at Gladewater's Mint Club. Some say 22/11/54 while others say 23/11/54. He was definitely back again on 30/4/55, this time at the High School Gym, for a "Louisiana Hayride" remote which benefited the local Jaycees Little League program. Also on hand was a tiny 3-year-old Elvis imitator, Royce Hanson Jr., who joined Elvis on stage. The show was so successful that the Jaycees sponsored another "Hayride" remote from the High School on 19/11/55. Between these two shows on 10/8/55, Elvis performed at Gladewater's Bear Stadium, home to the city's semi-pro baseball team. He had a show at the Gonzales, Texas baseball park on 26/8/55. In Greenville he performed at the City Auditorium on 5/10/55. On 24/1/55 he was at the Recreation Hall of the Humble Oil Camp near Hawkins. He did a show at the Rodeo Arena in Henderson on 9/8/55.

Elvis performed many times in Houston in 1954 and 1955. Often after a Saturday night "Hayride" show in Shreveport, on Sunday afternoon one could find Elvis at Houston's Magnolia Gardens for the what became known as the Texas Hayride. It was a wooded area in Magnolia Park across from the Port of Houston where in good weather families would gather to hear live music. In the evenings of those same Sundays you might find him at Cook's Hoedown Club. He headlined a show at Cook's on 28/12/54 to benefit the Volunteer Fire Department. Another venue he played in Houston was the Pladium Club. The Fraternal Order of Eagles Hall was the venue for concerts on 1/1/55 and 19/3/55. There were "Louisiana Hayride" remote broadcasts from Houston's City Auditorium on 2/4/55 and 8/10/55. He gave two more shows there on 21/4/56 and he had a show at the Sam Houston Coliseum on 13/10/56. From 27/2/70 - 1/3/70 Elvis performed six shows at the famous Houston Astrodome as part of the Texas Livestock Show. Following the engagement at a press conference and banquet in his honor, Elvis received five gold record awards, a Stetson hat, a Sheriff's badge and a limited-edition Rolex gold watch. When Elvis returned to perform again at the Astrodome on 3/3/74, he broke the attendance record he had set in 1970. Elvis also performed concerts at Houston's Hofheinz Pavilion on 12/11/71, 4-5/6/75 and 28/8/76.

Elvis performed at the baseball field in Kilgore on 12/8/55. He performed at the Reo Palm Isle Club near Longview on 27/1/55, 31/3/55, 11/8/55 and 18/11/55. Elvis performed several times at the Cotton Club in Lubbock in early 1955 where he met Buddy Holly, who was then performing as Buddy and Bob with a partner. Elvis had shows at Lubbock's Fair Park Coliseum on 13/2/55, 3/6/55, 15/10/55 and 10/4/56. He made a brief appearance at the Johnson-Connelley Pontiac Showroom on 3/6/55 to promote his show later that night. He was at the Municipal Coliseum on 8/11/72 and 31/5/76.

Elvis performed at Midland High School Auditorium on 7/1/55. He performed at Odessa High School on 16/2/55 in a show sponsored by the Voting Home Owners Club. On 31/5/55 he returned to Midland High School for a show and returned to Odessa High School for another show sponsored by the Voting Home Owners. He played Midland High School again on 12/10/55. He came back to the area on 30/5/76 to have a concert at the Ector County Coliseum.

The Paris, Texas Optimist Club sponsored a show at the Boy Club Gym on 4/10/55. Elvis was at the Woodrow Wilson Junior High School in Port Arthur on 25/11/55. San Angelo's City Auditorium was the venue for shows on 5/1/55 and 17/2/55. Tyler's Mayfair Building at the fairgrounds was where Elvis had shows on 25/1/55 and 8/8/55. Elvis performed at the Heart O'Texas Coliseum in Waco on 23/4/55, 17/4/56 and 12/10/56. In Wichita Falls Elvis performed at the M-B Corral Club on 25/4/55 early in the evening before racing to Seymour to do a benefit show. He performed in Wichita Falls again on 22/8/55 at Spudder Park baseball field and again on 19/1/56 and 9/4/56 at the Municipal Auditorium.

Elvis's performances on the "Louisiana Hayride" in Shreveport, Lousiana led him to perform many shows in small towns especially in Texas - sometimes performing in more than one city and more than one venue a day, literally racing from one stage to another.

This concludes the series on Elvis Presley's America I hope you have enjoyed it. [img]style_emoticons/default/king.gif[/img]
this was a great series Pacer. i enjoyed reading everything. thank's for taking the time to post these up for us [img]style_emoticons/default/cheers.gif[/img]
Thank you Richard I'm pleased you liked it friend [img]style_emoticons/default/cheers.gif[/img]
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